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Videos have now completely conquered the internet...

In fact we have entered an age where people soon will watch more video online than they will watch television.

An age where... If you don't use video as part of your marketing funnel... you are going to be left behind!

Youtube of course is the behemoth of online video.

Just take a look at these jaw dropping stats...

That is some truly insane numbers.

And I know they are right...

Heck - while researching and developing Covert VideoPress I wasted the best part of a month on Youtube watching all kinds of stupid videos.

We've all been there - they simply suck you in and won't let you go.

And that's the true power of video in online marketing.

People will spend a lot more time watching your videos than they ever will reading your content.

To be honest I'm only writing this right now for the 5% of you who didn't just watch the video above! (Thank you for reading and giving my work a tiny bit of meaning LOL).

Anyway... The bottom line is... when you offer people video, they will spend more time on your site.

And the more time people spend on your site, the more likely they are to click something, buy something or take whatever action it is you want them to take.

And if you offer multiple videos, chances are people will watch more than one.

As an internet marketer you look at the stats above and you start salivating over all the possibilities Youtube has to offer

And then after a while you are struck by the hard hitting hammer of reality.

It's not that easy!

Tons of sites have tried to replicate and even challenge Youtube.

But Youtube is so big now... and with the full backing from Google I highly doubt anyone will surpass them - not for a very long time anyway.

So that leaves us with the old saying... "If you can't beat them join them".

And sure there is money to be made from using Youtube in your marketing...

Loads of Warriors use Youtube - even our video above is hosted there.

But there are some problems...

* You have to create your own videos - which takes a lot of time and quite frankly can be a huge pain in the butt.

* You are competing with the other 800,000 videos uploaded the same day as your video - and if you don't have your own traffic to bring to the mix you are going to be one of the many videos stuck on 10 views (9 of them your own).

* Every video you upload is just building up Youtube/Google's content portfolio and real estate - and the end of the day they are the ones profiting from your hard work.

* If you're lucky (and that is a big "if"), you might get invited to their partner program so you can earn a few pennies from Adsense.

Now I'm not knocking Youtube as a marketing platform - it has it's uses

But there has to be a better way!

A way to turn the tables and make Youtube and Google do the hard work for us - while we stay in control and reap all the benefits!

And that's why we put a little twist on the old saying...

So even though it does not make sense to try and compete directly with Youtube

Making your site look, feel and work like Youtube and feeding off all their content does make a lot of sense!

As you know we do most of our stuff on WordPress - so we naturally set out to create a theme that would do just that.

We set out to create a theme that would let you:

* Mimic Youtube and other big video sites, and serve up videos in the highly addictive tube format, well known and loved by billions of people around the world.

* Legally piggy back of other people's work and let you build huge video sites without ever creating a single video yourself.

* Stay in complete control over what content is being showed on your site - and more importantly over the ads... with you pocketing 100% of the revenue instead of sharing the scraps from the big Google table.

And after 3 months of hard work and endless testing - the result was our new Covert VideoPress theme.

We tested it on our own sites and the results where through the roof!

And now for a limited time only... we're making our new theme available, exclusively through this Deal

First of all... If you haven't done so already... I highly recommend that you watch the video above, where I give a completely walkthrough demo of how this powerful theme works.

See video really is superior :)

But if you prefer to read...

Covert VideoPress is a super simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress theme. That means it will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

As you can see on the screenshot below - I used the theme to set up a tube site with football videos (Soccer for the Americans)

And I did not create a single one of those videos myself!

All I had to do was find the videos I wanted on Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion or Vimeo (you can add any video you want, from anywhere, as long as you have a link for it)...

Enter the video link and the theme does the rest for you.

When you're using the Covert VideoPress theme your blog will work and feel just like Youtube, complete with:

* Grid style post layout with thumbnails automatically created for each video
* Video ratings and view counts
* Most viewed, top rated and newest videos + a "more" link with all your blog categories as your navigation menu (just like on Youtube).
* Widget ready sidebar and footer, complete with custom widgets for related, most viewed and top rated videos
* And much more...

As I said above this will give you a huge advantage over your competition...

Your visitors are much more likely to stick around watching videos, than they are reading your competitor's wall-o-text...

And the longer they stick around - the more likely they are to click on your ads and buy something.

And because it looks and works just like Youtube and the other big video sites - they will also like, share, comment etc. bringing you even more traffic (but more on that in a bit).

First we need to talk about the Theme Options...

We have built in the ability to customize a lot of things, with just a few mouse clicks...

* Upload your own logo in the header (or just use your WP title and tagline)

* Change the background color of the theme
* Edit any color anywhere on your blog, with a simple color selector tool
* Play your videos in new tab/window or in the same window
* Turn the widget ready sidebar on/off for the front page (have it on the left or right)
* Use a widget ready left or right side bar (or none at all) on individual posts (videos)
* Show video title and description excerpts or full text on the front page
* Show view count and video ratings on the front page
* Show comment count and comments on the front page
* And so much more...

As you see above I went for a simple black, red and white layout for my Football video site

But with the Covert VideoPress theme you can make you site mimic Youtube or any other video site...

Out of the box the theme even comes with a background image exactly like the one used on Youtube.

If you want to see all the things this theme can do, and all the things you can easily customize, I highly recommend watching the video above.

But right now I want to show you the really clever bit...

When people are watching videos on your site - 2 buttons will appear beneath each video...

As you can see these buttons are exactly the same as on Youtube

And because they have already been conditioned to using them on Youtube - and because your video blog works exactly like Youtube...

They will click them on your blog too!

And that's when the magic happens...

* Each time your visitor likes a video they get prompted to share with their friends - and many will

* They are presented with with familiar sharing options in a way they have been conditioned by Youtube to trust and use.

* And every time they share one of your videos you get a powerful back link - and more importantly new visitors that in turn will share your videos with even more people.

And that's just one of the powerful features in this theme

You don't have to create any videos yourself - you are simply leveraging other people's work to add content to your site.

This means you can focus your time on building tons of video sites in different niches...

And on the most important part - monetizing your sites.

Youtube, Vimeo and the other video sites are happy to have you use their content - in fact they encourage it (otherwise they wouldn't let you embed videos in the first place).

Another benefit is that you are able to focus your video site on a single niche.

Youtube of course has EVERYTHING - but most people are only interested in very small percentage of the content there.

Now as you may have guessed I love football.

If you were to build a video site about football like I did - and I came to your site you bet I would pay attention.

I'm likely to start watching your videos and sharing them with my fellow footie lovers.

Since your site is not cluttered with all kinds of other stuff I'm also more likely to stick around and come back.

And perhaps more importantly you are then able to really target your ads to a specific market - in this case football fans - and this will boost your conversions and revenue to levels you have never seen before!

Even though you are using other people's videos, you can still have 100% unique content that will rank well in Google.

In fact we found that using the Covert VideoPress theme makes creating unique content easier than ever before.

You have a video - you simply give it a title and then write a short paragraph describing the content

And let us face it - 99% of the time Youtube descriptions and title's suck. So with a few seconds of work you have not only produced unique content - you have also added value to a video.

I personally think that main benefits of using Covert VideoPress is in the SEO edge it gives you.
And Google will love you!

In fact we found that...

And there are a few very simple reason for that...

Firstly the way Google ranks websites have changed dramatically with the Panda and Penguin updates.

Nowadays the emphasis is clearly on bounce rate... Meaning that the more time your visitor's spend on your site (on average) the better Google thinks your content is and the higher they will rank you.

Think of it this way...

You search Google for "football" and land on my site. You start watching a video and will thus spend at least a few minutes on my site.

All Google see is that people who search for "football" and hit my site, spend time there... Thus my site must be highly relevant to that keyword and Google boost my ranking accordingly.

That is the real benefit of running a video site.

And remember Covert VideoPress is more than just a normal blog with embedded videos (which really doesn't get the benefit above).

It's a full tube site like Youtube running on a WordPress frame getting the best of both worlds for a big SEO boost.

When people hit your VideoPress sites they will instantly know that this is a tube site just like Youtube...

And they will start watching videos, sharing videos, ranking, and commenting

Just like millions of people do on Youtube every single day.

Because the theme is simply presenting content (you haven't even created) in way people have already been conditioned by Youtube to watch, like, share and comment on!

And here's the real kicker...

Google loves it when you use Youtube videos - because you are helping them spread their content (and maintaining their dominance).

And if you enhance them by writing your own short unique descriptions and titles.

In their eyes you are adding value for the visitors and they will boost your rankings even more!

Covert VideoPress really is the most effective and easiest way to get good rankings in and tons of free traffic from Google.

And the inbuilt social sharing and traffic generation just takes it to a whole other level that no other theme is capable of doing!

And there are indeed other "tube themes" on the market.

I actually bought one a few months back... And it sold for $59 - for a SINGLE site license!

And here's the kicker...

It's doesn't really work like Youtube... and it doesn't even give you half the features we have included in our theme

And it certainly does not come with the extremely powerful inbuilt traffic generation!

And here's the really good news... we're not going to charge you even close to what they are asking for their inferior theme, because...

Obviously people are willing to pay big money for a simple to implement  technology that has been proven to increase your rankings, clicks, subscriptions, sales and traffic

And we fully intend to release this at a much higher price later on - $67 or more!

But right now, and from this special page only... You can get your hands on the Covert VideoPress theme for a fraction of that!

And when you order today you'll be "grandfathered" in and receive free updates for life

For the next few people who order we'll even add...

Yep, you read that right!

If your order the Covert VideoPress theme from this special page today, we'll even include multi-site and site flipping license at no extra cost!

That means you can...

  • Use Covert VideoPress on as many of your own blogs as you like - existing and future ones!

  • You can even use it on blogs you build for clients or on blogs you flip for profit!

But as I said this early bird special is very time limited.

The price will go up

And you will certainly not see multi and site flipping license included at this low a price, ever again!

So take action today and...

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